03 December 2008

Jack Black as Jesus in Prop 8 The Musical

Spot your favorite Hollywood star!
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Anonymous said...

I'd rather take my political advice from the prophet (who speaks for the ACTUAL Jesus Christ)rather than Jack Black.

Amanda Jean said...

Good for you. This is just a comedy sketch. I honor your right to believe what you do, and I don't believe I have gone to your page and told you what to believe so I hope you will afford me the same courtesy.

Unwinona said...

I'd rather make MY political opinions based on objective and subjective research, and on my own thoughts, feelings, and the sad stories I've heard from my gay friends who've been the victims of prejudice and misunderstandings.

I prefer to think for myself. How many friends do you have personally struggling with this issue?

Also, look up some of the past prophets' advice on the subject of interracial marriages. Want to take that advice to heart too?

Unwinona said...

I'd rather make my political opinions based on many different subjective and objective sources, as well as my own opinions and feelings. I'd rather think for myself.

And the ACTUAL Jesus Christ taught tolerance and not hypocrisy..
Prop 8 supports TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE, one man and one woman. Unless the LDS church has recently eliminated the doctrine of celestial plural marriage, you do not believe in TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE. Multiple marriages in heaven are not traditional marriage.

Amanda Jean said...
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