26 May 2008

Something I need to Say

To Whom It May Concern:
Next time you get drunk and want to call someone and tell them you love them try your mom.
A Girl With A Heart Condition

12 May 2008

Pills, by The Perishers featuring Sarah McLachlan

I am in love with this song and The Perishers. And then I found them doing it with THE Sarah McLachlan. It is so freakin A-MAZING!

I hope my smile can distract you. I hope my fists can fight for two. So it never has to show. And you’ll never know. I hope my love can blind you. I hope my arms can bind you. So you’ll never have to see. What we’ve grown to be. One may think we’re alright. But we need pills to sleep at night. We need lies to make it through the day. We’re not ok. One may think we’re doing fine. But if I had to lay it on the line. We’re losing ground with every passing day. We’re not ok. But that’s one thing I would never, One thing I would never, That’s one thing I would never say to you.

Sweet Tunes